Junior High Music Lessons
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Junior High Music Lessons

Resources designed especially to make junior high music lessons fun for students and easy for teachers!

Printable Music Lesson Plans

Complete lesson plans with worksheets and prepared powerpoint presentations on a variety of music related topics.

pmlp combinedpic500 For Junior High

pmlp musicalinstrumentgames cdboxclosed For Junior High Instruments of the Orchestra

Everything you need for an entire module of work based around musical instruments

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pmlp greatcomposers cdboxclosed For Junior High The Great Composers

Interesting trivia and modern activities keep students engaged throughout the topic of composers from the 18th century to today.

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historyofrock cdincase For Junior High History of Rock and Roll

An overview of the development of the Rock Style over the last 50 years, from Chuck Berry through to the stars of rock music today.

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jazzandbluescdcoverclosed 300 For Junior High Great Artists of Jazz and Blues

Explore the development of Jazz with your students. From its humble beginnings with the Ragtime of Scott Joplin, through the Big Band and Swing Eras, through to Be-Bop and influences in Blues and Rock and Roll.

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covers funmusiccostandard pmlp5 200 For Junior High World Music

Explore a world of different musical styles! Covers everything from African drumming through to to Indonesian gamelan and Japanese Taiko.

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Interactive Music Theory

A complete course of music instruction for junior high music lessons including interactive whiteboard materials and printable workbooks. imt theory1 imagebookandiwb For Junior High
imt1 dvdcoverclosed For Junior High Level One
Includes reading in treble and bass clefs, basic intervals, key signatures, scales and more.
Aligned with Grade one from major music examination systems.
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Worksheets for Classroom Music

Music Theory Fun Sheets

Fun Worksheets that are a bit different from the normal ‘run of the mill’ worksheets you might find in typical junior high music lessons.
Helps topics such as note recognition, musical terms, symbol recognition, rhythmical understanding and aural skills.
mtfs mixed For Junior High
mtfs1 treasureislandgames cdboxclosed For Junior High treasure Island Games
Twenty self checking worksheets using a unique map system for checking the answers. Great Fun!
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mtfs2 codebreakers cdboxclosed For Junior High Musical Symbol Code Breakers
Fun Ideas for helping students to familiarize themselves with the look and meaning of musical symbols
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mtfs3 digitalage cdboxclosed For Junior High Musical Terms for the Digital Age
A New twist on an old topic – how to make learning musical terms fun!
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mtfs4 instruments cdboxclosed For Junior High Musical Instrument Games
Your Students will become familiar with all types of musical instruments through these fun worksheets
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