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Gustavo Dudamel’s Music Advocacy Mission

It seems like classical music is finally getting the support it deserves in at least small area of LA, USA. This was the topic of a recent 60 minutes interview with Gustavo Dudamel, the youngest conductor ever for the Philharmonic Orchestra and the youngest major conductor in the world.

Just think for a moment:

How many of us came from a band or orchestra program when we were young?

My bet is that most of us have been a part of such a program in the past! This is where we get our inspiration and motivation to do it now …isn’t it? and all because we had a great experience with music at a young age.

I would love to get your feedback, viewpoints and stories on this one, so please fill in the comment box below.

As you probably gather, I believe that all children should have access to a quality band or orchestra program as part of their school curriculum. Music helps so many children in schools and with a successful band orchestra program such as this one, you can reach many children at once.

Watch CBS News Videos Online

I would love to gt your feedback on this! Did you have a band or orchestral program at your school when you were growing up? Please use the comment box below to tell your story.

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One Response to “Gustavo Dudamel’s Music Advocacy Mission”

  1. Jim Tucci Says:

    This is a very moving story. If you capture the hearts of young children and set them in a good direction, wonderful things can happen. I would love the opportunity for my students to have this kind of a program. Thanks for the video. VERY ENCOURAGING!

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