15 Free Music Activities and Lesson Plans for the Classroom

The web is a great place to find free music activities and lesson plans that can be used in the classroom. Here are 15 sites that provide helpful materials for teachers.

Music Quizzes – The Music Tech Teacher provides more than 130 music quizzes and games that can be used in the classroom. Quizzes cover everything from music notes and terms to famous musicians and composers.

Sound Piper – Sound Piper offers a unique page with a wide range of music classroom activities to teach basic elements of music.

The Music Rack – The Music Rack provides free sheet music downloads, staff paper, and other music teacher resources. The site also offers free downloads of public domain piano music.

Levy Sheet Music Collection – The Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music contains nearly 30,000 music pieces. Teachers can use the search feature in the online library to find the right pieces for their music class.

Musicards – Musicards are online music theory flashcards. These cards can be used to teach students about note names, key signatures, intervals, triads, piano notes, and guitar notes.

eMusicTheory.com – This site hosts a number of different materials that can only be accessed by members. However, there is a nice section with online music theory drills that are freely available to everyone.

Flash Music Games – This no-frills site offers a wide range of online flash music games for teachers and students. The interactive games help with ear training and instruments like guitars, drums, and piano.

JamStudio.com Education Program – JamStudio.com offers a fantastic education program for schools. Students and teachers who want to use computers to compose music can apply for a free, all-access pass to JamStudio.com.

Voice Lesson Plan – Berklee Music offers this free online voice lesson for teachers and students who want to sing better and stronger. The lesson is an excerpt from the course taught by Professor Anne Peckham.

Music from Across America – Edsitement offers this free lesson plan to music teachers who want to educate students about traditional and ethnic American music. The lesson plan unit includes five lessons in addition to suggested classroom activities.

Music in Movies – ReadWriteThink offers this free music lesson plan for teenage students who want to learn more about movie soundtracks and how music can contribute to movie scenes.

VH1 Music Studio Lesson Plans – The VH1 Music Studio provides a wide range of free music lesson plans that can be used in conjunction with VH1 documentaries and television shows.

Music Games for the Classroom – This ebook from the Fun Music Company provides lots of ideas for music teachers and general class teachers.

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    Great resources here for utilizing music in an educational setting.

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    Yeah I’m a teacher and this has been really helpful

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    I’m a teacher and this has made things easier

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      DubTurbo Beatmaker is not a software program we are familiar with, so can’t really provide much of an insight. We will have a look and see if we can do an independent review. I agree that most of the ‘reviews’ one finds for most software programs are in fact affiliate links, so can’t be considered ‘independent’ at all

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    accidentally stumbled on this great thing..m a music teacher from india..i will start using this..thank u..any other great sites available please do suggest..

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    Any help you can provide will be appreciated! New Music Teacher here.

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