April Fools Day Jokes for Music Teachers

Are you looking for some easy and fun April fools day jokes for music teachers? Coming up this week is April 1st – that crazy morning where April fools Day Jokes are all the rage! Putting a little harmless practical joke into your music class on April the 1st will create rapport and

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Join the campaign for 100 Music Education Bloggers

I set out today to find the best music education blogs so that I could link on this site. I've found something even better! - There is a campaign being run by Joseph Pisano and friends to get 100 Music Education Blogs happening by January 2009.. So Music Educators - Start Blogging and Join the

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How to increase music lesson retention rates

Did you know the single best way to improve your income as a music teacher? It is to improve your retention rate. If you had a 25% decrease in the number of students you lost in a year, would that make a difference to your income? Absolutely it would! Lets say you had 50 students

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Cut down your music teaching preparation time

 At the Fun Music Company, we have many free offers and articles for you to tap into ....I wasn't sure if you were aware that we have a free five part email course that you can gain instant access to entittled "Five Ways To Cut Down On Your Music Lesson Preparation Time".  It's easy to read and comes

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Music Software Guide to help you!

At the Fun Music Company we've just launched a brand new website - this one is not selling anything... its mission is to help and advise you about music software. Music Technology can be really daunting, especially for a music teacher! If you're not really used to using a computer it can be really hard to

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