Toddler Lesson Plans for Music

Let’s face it – toddlers can be hard work! Sometimes the job of teaching two or more toddlers at the same time can be mind boggling for everyone involved and they will do things that you will least expect. Their attention span is short, they need constant surprises and teachers and parents need constant ideas.

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High School Musical Lesson Plans

If you were thinking of using the film "High School Musical" in your lesson plans, there is a whole teaching resource available- completely free! The resource is called " The Music In You" and is 28 pages of colour, crammed with information about the show and activities your students can do. So thankyou to the

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General Music Lesson Plan

Here are three ideas for games you can use in your next general music lesson plan to help encourage knowlege of the Instruments of the Orchestra. This game is especially designed for teachers without any musical knowledge and can be used in small groups or for a whole class activity. While I was researching this

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Middle School Music Lesson Plan

Here are some tips for your next middle school music lesson plan which should help you to make your next  music theory lesson FUN. As usual, let me know your sucess stories and  feel free to provide extra materials, ideas and comments of your own using the comments section below. Tip #1 - "Musical Sums" and

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