Things To Do In The Summer

Are you looking for things to do in the summer? What a wonderful time of the year! "Schools Out" in America and the UK for the long summer break and here in Australia, we're soon on short mid year break for the winter.It seems no matter where we live in the world, we all have

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Benefits Of Music Education

Here are Three Powerful Reasons why children benefit from music at young ages. There has been loads of research recently about the benefits of music education for young children. Some of this has been undertaken by the Australian Music Association, and is being promoted through their "Play for life" campaign. Some of this research is

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Music Teachers Career

Here's a great way to help organize your career as a Private Music Teacher. If your career is in Private Studio Music Teaching, then I know how you feel. Somehow you need to fit in teaching the kids and then there's all this other Admin stuff like invoicing, scheduling and lesson notes which are all

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Kids Summer Camps: Go Join the Circus!

Get your best party tricks underway and get ready to roll up - there's a new buzz around that circus skills can help develop not only coordination, but can increase fitness, wellbeing and keep kids 100% engaged....all while having fun! If you know of kids who need activities to do over the holiday period, why

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Young Children Music

Young children just love music and often it is through music that young children communicate for the first time, whether it be through gesture, smiling or action. But is there more to it than that?..... There is a growing amount of evidence to show that music enhances a child's ability to think, learn, reason and

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