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Recently, one of our Fun Music Company members, Joanna sent us an email about a website that looks very useful to primary or junior school teachers. The website is called "Sing Up" and offers loads of free instructional videos, lesson plans, power points and recordings of fun, relevant music for children ages 5-11. Here's  Joanna's

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Music Classroom Management

Classroom management is an age old problem and topic of conversation with teachers, so it's always inspiring to get the perspective of what others do to tackle these issues. Back in April, 2010, I was fortunate to be involved in a twitter chat where we talked about behaviour management in the music classroom. These are

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Rock and Roll Music from the 1950's

Here is a little excerpt from our Fact Sheet on Rock and Roll Music. This comes from our Music Lesson plan series on the history of Rock and roll. Did you know that Rock and Roll or Pop music didn’t even exist until the 1950s? The only music that existed before that was Classical, Jazz,

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Discovering Music History in your lesson Planning

Learning about Music History is a bit like learning to eat your vegetables as a child. If you approach it in an authoritative way and say “You must eat your Vegetables” - and don’t enjoy them yourself you’ll have quite a hard time! (P.S. I know this because I currently have a three year old!)

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A Listening Activity about early Rock and Roll Music

The “Duck Walk” was a unusual dance move made famous by Chuck Berry. A music lesson plan about early Rock and Roll music can be much more entertaining if you use this idea and expand on it in music class. After you’ve watched some videos of Chuck Berry doing his trademark “Duck Walk” you could

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A Lesson Plan All about early Rock and Roll

Here are a few ideas that you could use if you are teaching a class about early 1950’s rock and roll in the music classroom. There are going to be plenty more of these when we release our next module of lesson plans on the History of Rock and Roll. 1) Work in groups to

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Simple Music Theory Games for Primary Music Classes

Music theory games have been one of the good changes brought about in the music educational system. Music is gaining its importance as a profession which the young generation is dreaming of getting in to. The first step in this change was the inclusion of music in the core primary school curriculum. But later as

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