2011 Music Education Highlights: Fun Choir Warm Ups Hit the News

Since it’s coming up to the end of the year fast, I found myself reflecting on some of the 2011 Fun Music Co “Magic Moments” from throughout the year and thought of this!

Earlier this year we came in contact with a remarkable lady who we met through a competition we held to come up with an E-book resources for choir educators which we later called “Fun Choir Warm-Ups”. We had so many amazing contributions to this resource from choir trainers and directors around the world, and the lady highlighted in the article above has been working alongside us ever since writing songs for our new products and resources. Carol Troutman Wiggins submitted close to 60 pages of her own tried and tested Choir warm-ups complete with prop and action ideas. There were so many ideas in her submission, we fine tuned it into 40 of her best warm -up songs so there was one choir warm-up for each week of the year. Later on in the year, Carol was featured in her own newspaper article. It’s just amazing to see how stories unfold sometimes!

But now I want to hear from you!! I know that we all have our own stories of inspiration from throughout the year- what are some of your “magic moments” in your teaching for 2011? Please leave a comment in the feedback box below so we can share your stories of inspiration with the wider music teaching community.

Click to check out the Fun Music Company Collection of Choir Warmups


  • By Roy Burbage Reply

    Where can I look for more detailed info on the choir e-book? Promise I did attempt to search for it prior to sending this. Thanks!

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