10 Teaching Tips and Games for Using Music Flashcards

Flash cards provide a fun and affordable method of teaching exciting new concepts. Whether playing a teacher-led instructional activity or encouraging cooperative learning activities in the classroom, teaching strategies using flash cards enhance memorization in a simple and effective way. Try these creative teaching strategies and fun flash card music games outlined below in your

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Music Teaching Quotes

Inspire your music classroom or studio with these music teaching quotes. Post them in your classroom, share music quotes with your colleagues, or add these inspirational music sayings to a band, choir or school newsletter. Music Quotes for teaching Music teaching quotes from famous people "You are the music while the music lasts."- T.S. Eliot

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How Does Music Stimulate Left and Right Brain Function? Why is this Important?

Music research indicates that music education not only has the benefits of self-expression and enjoyment, but is linked to improved cognitive function (Schellenberg), increased language development from an early age (Legg), and positive social interaction (Netherwood). Music listening and performance impacts the brain as a whole, stimulating both halves - the analytical brain and the

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