Preschool Song Competition – Winners Announced!

Its taken us a long time - much longer than we initially expected, but we can finally announce the winners of our Preschool Song Competition which we ran earlier this year. We had over 300 entries to this competition, and the quality of the entries were quite amazing. For this reason we had planned to

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Watch This Music Teacher Rock The House!

There is never a wrong time for some fabulous music teacher inspiration - and this one is the best I've seen in a long time!! In this video, you'll meet vocal teacher Sarah Horn. Just an ordinary music teacher who went along like so many others to see a star studded cast of performers accompanied

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Interesting Research on Music and Math…

With curriculum subjects such as maths, spelling and grammar becoming a major focus of standardized testing in many countries around the world nowadays, it’s easy for schools to become less focused in the arts with some even dropping subjects like music in order to concentrate on achieving higher testing scores. This is an obstacle that

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