Do “Bouncy Balls” help our students to learn music?

  There’s no doubt that technology is fast becoming part of many classrooms worldwide. According to a recent PBS Survey 74% of teachers Say Technology Enables Them to Reinforce and Expand on Content (February 4, 2013). However reports such as this one written by Joan Ganz Cooney Center also states that teachers can be skeptical

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Teaching about Gratitude: My Shoes Short Film

This short film “my Shoes” has absolutely nothing to do with music!! So why am I putting it here? Well we all know that as music teachers whether we’re teaching in a studio, band, choir or classroom- we’re always put in situations where we talk about much more than just music. Often in music, students

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A Lesson in Leadership: From Conductor Riccardo Chailly.

Just picture this….. You’re sitting in front of a full audience and in front of the Netherland Symphony Orchestra ready to play for a concert. You hear the first few notes and within seconds you realise that you’ve practiced the wrong piece! That’s exactly what happened to acclaimed Portugese pianist, Maria João Pires during a

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