Three keys to getting started with teaching Ukulele

So you want to teach the Ukulele? I don’t know how you’ve found this article. Maybe someone has suggested to you that the ukulele would be a good idea for your music classes, or alternatively perhaps you’ve been teaching the ukulele already for a while, but you’re feeling a bit “stuck in a rut” and

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31: Progress vs Perfection

Progress and perfection do not mean the same things. One is much more important than the other. In this episode Janice explains why making progress on your skills in music are more important than the perfection of having completed that course or obtaining mastery in a specific area. Free Fun Music Ukulele Teaching Resources:

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30: Are you a #Fun Music Teacher?

We’ve all heard of the phrase  "Time flies when you’re having fun!” but what does it really mean to be a Fun Music Teacher? Over the years, my husband Kevin and I have been able to shift our music teaching mindsets in a positive way! And it’s transformed so many aspects of our teaching and

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Why being late is a powerful lesson.

Have you ever been late for your classes? How do you react when other staff members are disappointed because of your lateness? Does being late teach you important lessons? ...Or is it the last thing you want to think about. As music teachers being late from time to time is inevitable - there’s not much

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Ella Fitzgerald: Celebrating Women in music

Dubbed “The First Lady of Song” because she was so well liked by all races, nationalities and religions, Ella Fitzgerald was the most popular female jazz singer in the United States for more than half a century. In her lifetime, she won 13 Grammy awards, sold over 40 million albums and sang with some of

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28: Why motivation doesn’t work

Here's a motivational idea: What if you were to give out sweets to every child who came to your class. Would that work? You probably know already that giving out sweets is what is called an extrinsic motivator - it's when you're trying to motivate another person from the outside. The other type of motivation

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