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As you may know Printable Music Theory books is a curriculum, not just a single workbook. We have four levels in this curriculum, ranging from a simple understanding of notes and rests in level one, through to advanced harmony concepts in level four. See the table below for more information about the content of each level:

printable theory level one Level One:
  • Fundamental Notes and Rests
  • Major Keys (C,F and G)
  • Introduction to Major Scales
  • Simple Rhythm Notation
printable theory level two Level Two:
  • Larger range of notes in treble and bass clefs
  • Major and Minor Keys
  • Introduction to the Cycle of 5ths
  • Major, Harmonic and Natural Minor Scales
  • Simple and Compound Time Signatures
printable theory level three Level Three:
  • Continuation of scales and general theory
  • Concepts of enharmonics, diatonic/chromatic and more
  • The circle of 5ths and all major and minor keys
  • An introduction to classical harmony
  • An introduction to modern piano-style harmony and adding chords to a melody using primary chords.
printable theory level four Level Four:
  • Advanced concepts in keys and scales
  • Introduction to modal scales
  • Chords, inversions and seventh chords
  • Classical harmony
  • Modern harmony, harmonizing using primary and secondary triads and seventh chords.


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