Get a complete set of Interactive Whiteboard Teaching Materials along with our complete printable music theory curriculum for $197.00 (instead of the regular price of $299)


Integrates the classroom screen with paper based learning

This program includes BOTH the whiteboard resource and the printable workbook, and they are designed to be used together.

Interactive Music Theory whiteboard and book combined program


Theory Lesson Plan

Lesson Planning is already done!

Every lesson is laid out with 9 or 10 preplanned activities, in a logical order.

Students won’t get bored as the activities keep coming with just enough variety and enough repetition to make sure they have mastered the concepts.

Aural Training is included.

In every single lesson there is an aural quiz, which relates to the theory work the students have been doing.

If they have been doing work on rhythm and note values, then there will be a rhythm identification exercise, or if they have been learning about intervals, there will be an interval recognition example.

They are designed so the whole class do the activity, then find out the answers via the erase-to-reveal feature on the whiteboard.

Aural Training included in theory whiteboard program
music theory games to reinforce students learning

Games to reinforce their learning

In every lesson there is also a fun game for the class to participate in.

This is not a computer game, but an interactive experience for the whole class

For example in the Speed Quiz (as pictured) students take turns to come to the board, and have to quickly press their buzzer if they can identify the card when it is flipped.

Your students will be lining up to come to music class with these games a part of your lessons!


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