30 Flights of Stairs for Charity… in under ten minutes?



On our website and blog we don’t often talk about local events in our home town of Adelaide, South Australia.

However, since we had an opportunity to participate in a huge public event in our very own office building, we thought we might let our friends and colleagues know about it all over the world.

Its called the great stair climb, and its a timed running & walking race up 30 flights of stairs to the top of Westpac House, the tallest building in Adelaide, where we have our part-time offices.

We’ve been fortunate enough to have a part time office up on the 30th floor of this building for some time now, and its a fantastic place work. Its peaceful and serene and the views are sensational!

However, on Friday 19th October I’m sure it won’t be peaceful up there, as hundreds of runners and walkers climb up there from ground level. (In fact we won’t be working there that day!)

The world record for this event is under three and a half minutes! I don’t think we’ll be doing anything like that, however we are aiming at clocking a time under ten minutes. Do you think we can make it?

In doing this we are also raising funds for the Childhood Cancer Association: an extremely worthy charity. Childhood Cancer provide practical hands on support for children living with cancer, and also fund much needed research.

If you’d like to contribute to our fundraising drive, click here to visit our fundraising page where any small donation would be helpful.

We know that you get loads of requests for charity… so why should you donate to this cause?

Well one reason is that we’ll give you something in return.

We would love to offer a FREE GIFT from our catalog for anyone who contributes a donation. We will match the dollar value of anything from our catalog… So if you donate us $50…. We’ll send you a product from our catalog to the value of $50.

Just click here to visit our fundraising page, then email our helpdesk after your donation… and let us know what you would like!


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