There is something about the word “game” that motivates children and adults alike. When you say  “lets do some work now” how does that compare to “lets play a game now” – I’m sure you’ll agree the differences in enthusiasm are enormous. 

I am excited to tell you that there is an excellent article called “Come Play” which  explains step by step how and why games can help your students to learn and retain more. The article is written for educators and business leaders in inspiring them to make their events more meaningful to their participants and explains that games are not just “time Fillers”, but can play a more meaningful role in helping to motivate and to problem solve.

The article also tells us that games are not just about fun despite what they look like from the outside and are actually linked to positive emotions which is why they  are so impactive.  

 ”Students who are having fun generate positive emotions, exhiit reduced stress levels and are more willing to pay attention and participate”.

The article also states:

“Games challenge our curiosity, invention and creativity and often bring intense enjoyment and laughter. Laughter is tied to strong positive emotions that allow the brain to make better perceptual maps”

So there you have it – You’re not wasting time by playing games in the classroom, in fact your students learn more by doing so…  keep gaming!