A commission for your school

have you ever thought about how good it would be to have your own piece of music written especially for your school?

My husband Kevin is a composer, and is offering something quite unique through his website www.ktpercussion.com this year.

He’s going to be working with up to three schools to create brand new works. Kevin’s expertise is in percussion, however hes able to write for whatever group the schools need.

Kevin is going to not only write the music, but hes going to consult with the teacher and ensemble director to ensure that the work is suitable both in standard and in performance outcomes for the school.

Hes also going to be almost a “virtual composer in residence” as he works with the ensemble during the rehearsal and performance preparation process.

Imagine how fantastic it would be to have your very own world premiere at your School Showcase concert this year!

So if this is something of interest, click here to check out the details of the offer »

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