Here are a few ideas that you could use if you are teaching a class about early 1950’s rock and roll in the music classroom. There are going to be plenty more of these when we release our next module of lesson plans on the History of Rock and Roll.

1) Work in groups to create a role-play of a group of people explaining what rock and roll music is to someone who is deaf. For added interest, someone could even act as the interpreter, signing the responses.

2) Imagine you are the parent of a child from the 1950’s. Write a letter to the editor of the local newspaper expressing your disapproval of this “new” style of music. Include reasons for your concerns. This activity could also be done as a role play of a discussion between a child and a parent who is protesting about their child’s new interest in rock and roll music.

3) Design a Facebook profile for either Chuck Berry or Bill Haley. Include personal information such as birth date, relationship status etc, a friends list and some fictional groups that they may have belonged to.

For more information on the history of Rock and Roll Module visit our Classroom Music Lesson Plans page.