Here is a few lesson planning ideas about the great baroque composer, Antonio Vivaldi. These are taken from our printable music lesson plans series of worksheets.

Vivaldi was born in Venice and lived a great deal of his life there. Venice is a very unique city even today because there are no cars. In fact there aren’t even any roads. That is because Venice consists of a series of islands amongst canals in a shallow lagoon. To get around the city, Vivaldi would have to have gone by foot on one of the many connecting bridges or traveled by gondola or boat. Imagine you have time-travelled back to 18th century Venice. Write a diary entry about what you see, hear and smell. How does it feel to be in this amazing city?

Here are some resources to get you started, although you may want to do some further research. Some of these links are about modern day Venice, but as the city has not changed a great deal, much of the information is still relevant today. Don’t forget to research the smell of Venice … it is one of its more well known features! An image search of “18th century Venice” will also provide you with great ideas about the architecture, what people wore, and other aspects of Venetian life.