Part of our commitment at the Fun Music Company is to not only create great music teaching resources, but also to support you as you start working through the worksheets with your classes. We plan to do this with some quick videos that you can watch in just a few minutes, that will explain how to use the worksheets and materials most effectively in your classes.

Today, I want to explain to you one of our more unusual worksheet games that we came up with called the “Treasure Island Games”:

We often get asked about how to do these worksheets, as sometimes even the most experienced “quiz users” get mixed up with the instructions! Anyway, once you get the hang of them these Treasure Island Games are great fun, and really inspire a lot of great times in your classes.

Here is a free Treasure Island Game worksheet that is mentioned in the video for you to try out with your classes and click here if you would some more free music theory worksheets

After you watch the video, try out the worksheet with your classes and tell me what you think! Was this video useful to you? How did the “Treasure Island Games” go with your classes? What other music education resources would be helpful to you in the classroom or studio?

Running out of ideas for teaching music theory