A new standard set in choral music

A new standard set in Choral Work!

I’ve just found this amazing clip and had to share it with you. This was the 2009 International Barbershop Chorus Champions performing their uptune ‘Seventy-Six Trombones’ by Meredith Wilson and arranged by David Wright.

Its not difficult to see why they won! Congratulations on a great performance!


  • By Piano Lessons by QM Reply

    Great video! Thanks for posting this. Enjoyed immensely.

  • By Jonathan Reply

    Thanks for posting. It was picked up by ChoralNet then followed by Helpiing You Harmonise – lots of good discussion

  • By Alastair Reply

    Great vid! my only complaint is that I do prefer a much smaller group for this sort of stuff. I much prefer 4 – 8 singers.


  • By Laura Rubenstein Reply

    Great video! How many choral directors are salivating over those tenors? How do we get those guys in our group?

  • By Innesa Reply

    Thank you for sharing this great video.

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