A Recipe for happy Music Lessons

It’s coming up to Fathers Day here in Australia which has prompted this blog post…

Every year we found that on special occassion days especially on Mothers or Fathers Day, it was really nice to get the kids to give their parents a small gift! What we did one year was to make Florentine biscuits and wrapped them up with the recipe enclosed.

What we didn’t realise was that the recipe become so popular and parents shared it with all their friends …. needless to say, our music school business grew enormously before the next Fathers Day!

If your interested here’s the recipe ….


At XYZ Music School we would like to wish all the dad’s a Happy Fathers Day

Florentines Recipe


4 Cups Cornflakes

1 Packet Glace Cherries

1 packet slivered almonds

1 Packet Mixed Fruit

1 Can Condensed Milk


Mix all ingredients together. Pop onto a baking tray

Use glad bake so that the florentines don’t stick.

Hot oven for 10 mins.


PS Always make sure you check dietary restrictions whenever dealing with children and food.

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