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A very important issue for everyone | Resources for Music Education

A very important issue for everyone

Whether we want to admit it or not, our own health is one of the most important things we should be focusing on in our daily lives. If we’re sick or unhealthly, then we can’t have the quality of life that we desire and deserve.

I know myself how busy life is as a music teacher. There is often not enough hours in the day for exercise, and we end up sacrificing that one little bit of time we might have had to go for a walk or something, and fitting in an extra lesson in its place.

For this reason, when we set about planning our Virtual Music Education Conference, we wanted to find someone to speak about some simple health ideas that could help music teachers.

We didn’t want the usual type of speaker that talks about health issues: those pushing fad diets or something….we wanted to find someone who is or has been a teacher or a musician, and really knows what its like to be struggling to work hard through every single day, and what we can do about it.

Straight away, we thought about Anthony Field from the mega-successful children’s performing group, The Wiggles.

Just in case you’re unaware of who they are, the Wiggles are the most successful children’s performing group of ALL TIME. They have sold more than 27 million CDs and DVDs, they tour extensively throughout the world to stadiums full of adoring preschool children, and they’ve had numerous successful television shows.

The reason I thought of him is that I had recently taken my little girl to see The Wiggles at our Entertainment Centre in Adelaide. Aside from being a really professional show, it was amazing to see the athletic performances of the all the performers, but particularly Anthony. Here is this guy, who is nearing 50 years old, and he is jumping around the stage and doing amazing acrobatic feats, all while singing and dancing! Not only that, they often perform THREE of these two hour shows in a day!
I even thought he looked better and more athletic than what he did when I took my niece and nephew to see The Wiggles ten years ago! I wasn’t wrong, as when I looked up his website I found this photo:

Anthony Field Then and Now

I thought there must be something in this, so I did a little bit of research, and found that he had written a book. I bought a copy right away, and I was amazed at the story it told. This
amazing book is called “How I Got my Wiggle Back”, and I passionately believe it has a very important message for us as music teachers.

In this book are a whole lot of really simple things that anyone can do to improve their health and vitality. Its not full of radical ‘fad’ diets or extreme exercises, but simple, practical advice.

I really enjoyed reading this book, and I passionately want to share its message with you.

Check out this video where Anthony explains a little more about the book:

Often people think of the Wiggles as a Rock and Roll band who just “got it lucky” by adapting their songs for kids. That’s a long way from the truth when you start looking into it a bit further. Anthony and a couple of the other founding members are qualified teachers, and they really do have a passion for kids education. The Wiggles music and routines are well thought out and educationally very strong.

Frankly I never thought that Anthony would accept our invitation to be interviewed at our Virtual Music Education conference. Its not as if he needs the publicity or the money, he has plenty of that already!

What Anthony does have is a passion for helping people, which is why he has agreed to squeeze a phone interview in with us for the conference. Because of that you have a unique opportunity – A chance to ask him a question!

If you’ve already registered for the virtual conference, then congratulations – Head over to the conference website and submit your question for him. If you’ve not registered then please do so immediately, so you’ll be registered in time to ask a question. These interviews are prerecorded, as we have to work in with his schedule, as he is an extremely busy man touring throughout the world. Therefore, if you want to ask a question you need to register NOW so that we get your question in time.

If you’ve registered with a premium package, then congratulations.. not only are you getting to hear him and seventeen other amazing sessions.. but you’re going to get a copy of Anthony’s book in the mail as well, as well as all sorts of other ‘goodies’!

We have purchased almost all of the remaining stock of this book in Australia, direct from the publishers, because I really passionately believe that the message in this book can help a lot of people.

As the supply situation is so limited with these books, we’ve nearly sold out of these premium packages already – so if that is of interest to you then I urge you to take action and register now.

Anthony Field Book

Click on this banner now to visit the conference website and check out the other people speaking:

I really do believe that the message in this book can help you, which is why I am sharing this with you. This is the first time, and probably only time ever that I will endorse a health related book.

I can’t wait to speak to Anthony, and ask him your questions!
Janice Tuck

P.S. Check out the other amazing speakers as well – we have everything from experts in elementary music education through to authors of amazing Rock programs for high school students.

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