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At the Fun Music Company we offer several different products, all through the same affiliate system. You can choose to promote one, two or all of the products – it is completely up to you!

Printable Music games from the fun Music Company

Printable Music Games

This is the product that many music teachers may wish to promote through this affiliate program. If you have bought and use the product, then you will find that it is very easy to tell people about, even if you don’t have a website.

If you don’t have a website, we suggest that after signing up you use our Easy URL generator to request a website address that you can easily tell people about.

We pay our standard commission of 33% on this product, resulting in a commission of $22.77 on a $69 membership.

Djembe Secrets from the Fun Music Company

Djembe Secrets

Djembe Secrets is a video training course for the Djembe Drum. The Djembe is becoming very popular all around the world, and Djembe Pro Tim Irrgang teaches the techniques and strategies to make you sound great with this course. Available as either a Home learning package with DVDs, CD’s and a workbook, or as an online video training course this package is excellent value, and is quite unique on the internet.

We pay a commisson of 33% on both the Digital version and the Home Learning Course, resulting in a commission of $22.77 and $49.17 respectively.

Music from KT Percussion

KT Percussion

KT Percussion has a range of sheet music for schools, focussing on Percussion Instruments. The Class arrangements are easily adapatable for a wide variety of settings and uses, and all come with Audio recordings and Bonuses.

We offer our standard percentage based commission of 33% of all products sold. As products range from $19.95 to $39.95 your commissions will range from $6.58 through to $13.18 per sale.

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