And the Winner is…..

About a month ago, I sent out an email and blog post here inviting submissions for a new e-book that we’re putting together and we had a fun little contest to help get some feedback and ideas.

We’ve had some wonderful suggestions over these past few weeks all answering the question of what is the SINGLE BEST idea or lesson plan that you have used for a substitute music lesson.

Even if you didn’t win the $50 i-tunes voucher, I know you will still win by entering and I thank you so much for participating. I have personally read through each and every entry that came in and have included many of the entries in the e-book that we’re currently compiling.

Everyone who participated and submitted an entry will get a copy of the e-book when it is compiled which should be ready in the New Year (February-March), 2010.

Generally we found there were two types of submissions throughout the contest. There were the ideas that a teacher could leave for a substitute teacher or there the ideas that music teachers could use as a substitute teacher.

Many of the ideas were suitable for different abilities and age groups and ranged from games to written and listening ideas.

The final entry that got chosen had:

  • a really fun emphasis
  • we could envisage it as being really easy to implement as a substitute music lesson


  • It could work for many different teachers and situations out there.

Apart from that, The entries could have been anything big or small! There was a great many and varied ideas that were submitted, and they will be incredibly useful for any music teachers in just about any situation.

Okay .. drum roll please…….

And the winner is: Joy Shreckengost from Sneads Ferry, North Carolina.

I look forward to being able to share the completed ebook with you when it is done (probably in February or March).

Click here for details of our first ebook created in last years competition.

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  • By Piano Teacher Reply

    Thanks for sharing that – your post is really very timely. Anyway, you’ve got a very nice and interesting blog here. I always feel glad whenever I encounter people who have the same passion and love for music like what I actually have. I also admire your efforts to share your bright ideas on music teaching and learning. I always bear in mind that creativity and fun are necessary in education so as not to bore our students. Please keep on posting contents on some useful music teachers resources. Thanks again and more power. Have a nice weekend! Cheers!

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