Assessments – What we added to Printable Music Lesson Plans….. And WHY!

I’m not a big fan of assessments. However, I understand that they are a necessary part of teaching for most schools. Unless you are in a Montessori or alternative learning environment assessments are a necessary and indispensable part of what we do as teachers.

At the Fun Music Company we operate on two very simple philosophies:

1) We adapt and change according to our clients needs
2) We don’t tell people how to teach, we just provide the most flexible resources to support them to do the best job possible.

Therefore, when it came up in a survey recently that teachers needed assessments to go along with Printable Music Lesson Plans we immediately saw the potential to massively improve the products.

What we decided to do is provide three different assessments for each unit, so that the teacher would have the choice on which to do.

Sometimes our products are used in upper elementary or primary school, and in these cases it would be inappropriate to ask questions about small details that were taught in one lesson. Rather it is more appropriate to ask broad questions about the whole topic, and give clues such as the first letter of the answer.

For middle/junior high the students should (hopefully!) have retained a little more, so we have more complicated questions on details.

We also have an advanced assessment, which is for students and classes who have really gone into detail with the unit, and really know the topic well.

We have code-named these levels E (easy), S (standard) and A (Advanced), so that students never need know that they are being given the “easy” assessment.

So in the units you can choose – whatever works best for you and your students. Have a quick read through, and print out whichever one you feel will work best. You could even give more than one assessment: Do the easy one as a “warm up” then give them the standard one a week later. Like always, it is completely up to you.

Customers who have purchased printable music lesson plan modules will receive a download of this upgrade FREE OF CHARGE. Just login to our members area and you should find an option on the main menu page of each product to find the assessments.

If you haven’t yet purchased any Printable Music Lesson Plan modules make sure that you do so as soon as you can – as with this new upgrade we can’t hold the prices this low for ever.

Think $39.95 for one module is expensive? When you consider that you never ever have to pay again for access to the same resources.. it is dirt cheap! You could be using these for years and years for a one-of investment now.

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