Back to school bargains for music theory teachers

Today we’ve got some great news for users of our “Printable Music Theory Books”, and all teachers of music theory.

We’ve been working really hard behind the scenes, just completing an update to the answered version of both level one and two of Printable Music Theory Books.

When we first did these we were a bit more limited on technology – so the only way we could create the answered version was by completing it in red pen and scanning it in. This was ok, and served the purpose, but we always knew it needed upgrading.

Thanks to a great new theory expert we have working with us we’ve just upgraded both Theory level one and theory level two with these new answered versions, to bring them both into line with levels three and four, which were done in a much better way.

To celebrate this milestone achievement we thought we’d have a special offer sale, and give away copies of our Music Theory Fun Sheets to go along with the theory course.

If you’re unaware of what it is, Printable Music Theory Books is a complete music theory curriculum, which takes students right from beginning stages through to advanced music theory concepts like harmony and chord building.

Music Theory Fun Sheets are quick five minute revision activities which are brilliant for reinforcing the knowledge and making sure that they know important music theory concepts.

For this week, we are giving away all four modules of Music Theory Fun Sheets along with a purchase of the Printable Music Theory Books (4 level) Package.

So therefore:

All you need to do is go to this page and purchase the Music Theory Book CDs, and then write “SPECIAL BONUS PLEASE” in the comments box on the order form. We’ll then send you all 8 eight CD-ROM’s in the mail, and you’ll have online access to everything.

This offer expires August 31st, 2001


  • By Karen McDougall Reply

    Are your Music Theory worksheets offered in your program in any way able to be edited by the purchaser? I already ordered three of the Music History CDs and they, alas and much to my chargrin, are not.

    Please advise soonest. Your answer will help me to decide if your new method is for me.

    Best regards,
    Karen (Ottawa, Canada)

    • By janice Reply

      Hi Karen,

      Unfortunately the answer is no, our worksheets don’t have much editing capability for the end user. This is mainly a software issue – we like to produce our worksheets using high quality graphics layout software, and not just in a music program like Sibelius or Finale, as these have limitations on their graphics. If we could find a software platform that would allow for easy editing by end users we wouldn’t have a problem in allowing users to edit the worksheets for their own needs.

      That said there is a lot of flexibility in the choices of worksheets offered – you can pick and choose the topics and worksheets that most suit your students as much as you like

  • By Janice R Reply

    I bought the sheets a year or so ago. Do we now have access to the newer sheets or do we have to purchase them again?

    • By janice Reply

      Hi Janice,

      All our products include lifetime updates, so yes you have access to the updated versions of the worksheets you’ve purchased via our members area. Please contact us via our helpdesk if you’ve lost your login details and we’ll help you login and download the latest versions.

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