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Introducing the Fun Music Company Curriculum





What is the Fun Music Company Curriculum?

The Fun Music Company curriculum is a complete music program for Primary or Elementary general music classes.


It is specifically designed to meet curriculum requirements, while at the same time making lessons engaging and fun for children.


It does this by structuring activities around the four areas commonly found in every music curriculum in the world: AURAL, SING & PLAY, COMPOSE and CONNECT.



Benefits of the Fun Music Company Curriculum

Structured to make it easy to cover your curriculum requirements with the minimum of extra stress and preparation time.

Includes step-by-step videos for you to play in the classroom, so even if you aren’t experienced teaching an activity all you need to do is play the video and follow the instructions.

Has engaging and fun songs to sing and play, plus a complete composition program which will inspire and motivate children to make music class the best part of their day!

Easy to use with no software to install. All you need is a projector or video screen attached to a computer with internet access. Just login to the members area, select the module you want to work with and away you go!


This program has taken three years of extensive work to develop. We have worked with some amazing educators from all around the world to develop this material, and it is still in a process of constant evolution and refinement. We have an official review team of teachers from all around the world testing this material and giving us constant feedback on how well it works in the classroom and meets curriculum needs.

Grades 3-6 are complete and available for use now, and grades K-2 will be available in late-2017.



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How can I be sure it matches my curriculum needs?



Curriculum Platinum Package with Guidebooks

Includes four complete guidebooks with audio CDs for Grades 3-6, and one year of online access to the online interface


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Includes a FREE ticket to Compose Masterclass 2018 valued at $129
Essential training to make the best of this program


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