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Getting started with Beatboxing….




Materials for the Beatboxing Lesson

Interactive Whiteboard Materials

Download SmartNotebook FileInteractive Whiteboard Materials – SMART Notebook
Download ActiveInspire fileInteractive Whiteboard Materials – ActiveInspire

Teachers Guide

Download SmartNotebook File"Basics of Beatboxing" PDF Guide

Other Materials

(Use these if you don’t have access to an interactive whiteboard in the classroom)

Download PDF filePrintslides of development activities and ‘Do the Beat Box’ song.
Download SmartNotebook File"Do the Beat Box" mp3 – with vocal
Download SmartNotebook File"Do the Beat Box" mp3 – without vocal


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These Beatboxing materials can be found in the following resources

Without an interactive whiteboard:

Practical Music Lessons – Beatboxing

Lots of activities, songs and beats to learn!

Click here to learn more »

Practical Music Lessons - Beatboxing


For interactive whiteboard

Whiteboard Music Lessons: Play Up!

Lots of beatboxing beats and songs to learn in this complete module of lesson plans for upper primary/elementary students.

Click here to learn more »

whiteboard music lessons - play up