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I always find it fascinating to look back on my career so far as a music teacher and think to myself….what did my students really get from it all. Did they just learn about the techniques and fingerings that they had to learn over the years to pass the next exam…. or was it much

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What do you do when your school adminstration wants you to address MultiCulturalism?

Most teachers are well aware that multiculturalism is a requirement of many curriculum documents around the world today. Music, because of its very nature is asked to cover this by curriculum writers, because we're one of the subjects that CAN do this - I mean you can’t exactly address multiculturalism in Math or Science, can

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Grammy Award Winner to speak at Upcoming Conference

  Kent Knappenberger is a just regular guy, but he has one amazing talent. He’s a music teacher who’s doing some extraordinary things in the music classroom...and now he’s famous! In January 2014 Kent’s work as music teacher and choir director at Westfield Academy and Central School for the past 25 years was recognised when

Do Whiteboard Lessons work on Google Chrome?

This question is coming up from time to time in our customer service because some schools are looking at getting class sets of “Google Chrome” laptop computers for students to use in class and I know teachers have pressure placed on them to use them. Now I know that many already know what these computers

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Teaching about Gratitude: My Shoes Short Film

This short film “my Shoes” has absolutely nothing to do with music!! So why am I putting it here? Well we all know that as music teachers whether we’re teaching in a studio, band, choir or classroom- we’re always put in situations where we talk about much more than just music. Often in music, students

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Are Tweens dropping out of music?

Have you ever taught upper elementary or middle school music? If you have then you probably already know what a tween is .. and you also probably know it can be a real challenge. When we’re talking tweens we’re talking about children aged between around 10-12 years of age. These kids are way too big

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