Watch This Music Teacher Rock The House!

There is never a wrong time for some fabulous music teacher inspiration - and this one is the best I've seen in a long time!! In this video, you'll meet vocal teacher Sarah Horn. Just an ordinary music teacher who went along like so many others to see a star studded cast of performers accompanied

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Interesting Research on Music and Math…

With curriculum subjects such as maths, spelling and grammar becoming a major focus of standardized testing in many countries around the world nowadays, it’s easy for schools to become less focused in the arts with some even dropping subjects like music in order to concentrate on achieving higher testing scores. This is an obstacle that

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Music Education In The Media

Music teachers are always aware of the impact that music education makes on their students- they see it everyday. However, does that mean everyone else in the local community always shares this opinion? Sadly, the answer is often no. The reality is that even if you’ve been teaching several years, students will still come to

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Learn from the BEST in Music Education

Want to learn from the best in Music Education? Today I just wanted to give you a little ‘Sneak Peek’ at our Virtual Music Education Conference, so that you have plenty of time to plan for it in the next few months. We still haven’t finalized all the speakers just yet... and we are still

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Why Music Education is so Important

We all know that music education is an extremely important part of any child’s education,  otherwise why we would  we teach it every day! But how do you continue to demonstrate it to the community, your school administration staff and parents The answer is advocacy! And in a time of budget cuts, and less money being

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Instrument Choices For Young Children In Schools

Recently I had the privilege of talking with a reporter Margie Sheedy from Australian Newspaper, The Sydney Morning Herald on the subject of young children learning instruments in school as a compulsory subject. The topic has come about because an independant school in Australia has made learning an instrument a compulsory part of the school

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