16: What does it take to have a breakthrough?

In this episode of the Weekly Spark for Music Teachers, Janice Tuck talks about what it takes to have a breakthrough in life, whether it be a breakthrough in our own lives, a breakthrough in our teaching, or a breakthrough in our students.   Recently Janice ran a marathon for the very first time, and

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Do “Bouncy Balls” help our students to learn music?

  There’s no doubt that technology is fast becoming part of many classrooms worldwide. According to a recent PBS Survey 74% of teachers Say Technology Enables Them to Reinforce and Expand on Content (February 4, 2013). However reports such as this one written by Joan Ganz Cooney Center also states that teachers can be skeptical

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How Does Music Stimulate Left and Right Brain Function? Why is this Important?

Music research indicates that music education not only has the benefits of self-expression and enjoyment, but is linked to improved cognitive function (Schellenberg), increased language development from an early age (Legg), and positive social interaction (Netherwood). Music listening and performance impacts the brain as a whole, stimulating both halves - the analytical brain and the

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