Students with Special Needs in Music Class

Today's music teacher's Q and A session is on one of the biggest challenges facing music teachers today. When we asked for questions for these sessions earlier this year we expected a lot of questions on behavior management, classroom routines and technology issues, and that was pretty much what came. However, by FAR the single

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Dyslexia and Music: An Overview

What is Dyslexia? Let me be clear from the outset – dyslexia has nothing to do with how intelligent a person is. Sadly, there is no single definition of the condition. And, there's no fundamental scientific understanding of the underlying cause of dyslexia despite a number of detailed theories. The condition is usually defined as

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Rich Instruments

A New Music Game For Special Needs Classes Over these past few months, some teachers have asked me how to adapt printable music games to help suit the needs of visually and hearing impaired people. I know that every teacher out there has different needs in their classes so please feel free to use, change

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