Should We Be Grading Our Students At Young Ages?

This was a question that I came away asking myself after the first ever Music Education Twitter Chat which took place recently on March 2nd, 2010 involving approximately thirty music educators worldwide. It was a very busy hour with interesting tweets coming from all directionsRead more…

Teaching Major Scales: Part 2

A post by Janice on Music Lesson Plans: Worksheets to help with Teaching Major Scales If you need theory worksheet content to help with teaching major scales then you may find that our Printable Music Theory Books could become an invaluable companion in your resourceRead more…

Teaching Major Scales: Part 1

A post by Janice on Music Lesson Plans: A Game to help with Teaching Major Scales If you’ve ever taught music theory, then you would know that it can be difficult to get students to remember the pattern of tones and semitones needed, the scaleRead more…

Using Flashcards In Music Theory Lessons

This video is a Suzuki teacher using flashcards to actively involve her students in remembering musical terms they have played in their pieces. I was just looking through youtube for music theory videos and I stumbled across this teacher who was actively involving her studentsRead more…

Interactive Whiteboards: Using them in the Music Classroom.

There’s no doubt that interactive whiteboards can be fantastic tools for the music classroom. The question is just what materials can we use on them. This article will outline some ideas and would love your feedback on resources you may already be using.

Music Rhymes to help in a Music Theory lesson

What is the best rhyme for teaching the order of sharps and flats? Do you even use a rhyme? Currently at The Fun Music Company, we are really busy finishing and editing our next “Printable Music Theory Book” and this question came up so IRead more…

Should We Be Using Instrumental Music Video Games In The Music Classroom?

Yes, as with the other video games out there like the “Guitar Hero” series, the new craze this year is the the launch of the “Beatles:Rock Band ” video game. It has recently has hit the streets and looks like it could become game ofRead more…

Proof: Learning Music Makes Children Smarter!

On the 10th september, 2009, the UK Government kickstarting a schools music program which the govenment has dubbed the biggest music lesson ever which will reach thousands of schools and children throught UK.

Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale

Here is an an amazing clip by Bobby McFerrin demonstrating a powerful and fun teaching tool

Howard Gardner Talks on Digital Youth

Here’s some of my personal thoughts on Howard Gardner’s talk on Digital Youth and I’d love to have your feedback on it