Just how do you draw a Treble Clef?

Here’s a little debate we had here at the Fun Music Company while we were writing the Printable Music Theory Book

Viva Zone- A free online music resource for Primary School teachers

Here’s an online resource you can play which is perfect for primary level music lessons.

Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale

Here is an an amazing clip by Bobby McFerrin demonstrating a powerful and fun teaching tool

A Preschool Music Lesson from Greece

At the Fun Music Company we are in communication with music teachers from all over the world. These ideas came from a music teacher named Kalliopi Charitaki. It is great to see that music teaching is truly an international language – and that we canRead more…

Flashcards for the music classroom – expanded

At the Fun Music Company we always pride ourselves on listening to the public and providing what is needed for music teachers everywhere Our “Ultimate Flashcard Set” has steadily grown since it started as a bonus for our Printable Music Games product in 2006. WeRead more…

Music Exams – good or bad?

Today I’d like your opinion on an important question – should we be putting our students through music theory exams?
This article examines the pros and cons of theory exams for music students and describes two different experiences with it.