Ultimate Flashcard Set Updated Again!

    Just a quick note today... We've just added another five pages of flashcards to the Ultimate Flashcard Set, bringing the total number of cards in this set to above 580! We've always had a policy with this product that you can request any updates, but recently there has been so few requests... I

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10 Teaching Tips and Games for Using Music Flashcards

Flash cards provide a fun and affordable method of teaching exciting new concepts. Whether playing a teacher-led instructional activity or encouraging cooperative learning activities in the classroom, teaching strategies using flash cards enhance memorization in a simple and effective way. Try these creative teaching strategies and fun flash card music games outlined below in your

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Five Flashcard Activities For The Music Classroom

We all know that flashcards are beneficial for our students- In fact studies (such as Kornell) have shown that flashcards help students work on memory skills and critically analyze their own learning abilities. But despite this strong evidence based on the advantages of flashcards, do we use them to their full potential in the music

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Adapting Music Games to suit Special Needs Classes

Teaching people with disabilities is such a rewarding experience that is enjoyed by everyone! I know this because I had the pleasure of teaching disabled children in the past. One of the schools I taught at described the job as "teaching children with delicate health" and the conditions ranged from autism, cerebral palsy to TB.

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Piano Terms

Have you ever tried teaching musical terms needed for most piano lessons only to find you get nowhere very quickly? There are just some instances where it seems that no matter what you do, it is impossible to get good retention ready for those upcoming exams or tests and no matter how many times you

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