Music Teachers Career

Here's a great way to help organize your career as a Private Music Teacher. If your career is in Private Studio Music Teaching, then I know how you feel. Somehow you need to fit in teaching the kids and then there's all this other Admin stuff like invoicing, scheduling and lesson notes which are all

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Free Music Clipart for You Just One Click Away

If you're like me and are always needing musical, flashcards, pictures and icons and don't want the bother of spending time at the end of a busy teaching day to re shape, re size, colour and find them  .. then I have some pre made clip-art designs at for you to use. You'll be able to

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Free Christmas Carols for Piano

Happy Christmas to all the music teachers! Here at the Fun Music Company we are going to give away a few free traditional arrangements of christmas carols every year. Jingle Bells - This easy arrangment can easily be adapted for any accompaniment style. Its also a great exercise in transposition Silent Night   Have a

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