Changes at the Fun Music Company

This month we are very excited to announce some major changes to our products and services that will be sure to give you more value and consistency when coming to our Fun Music Company websites. These changes occurred as a result of an exhaustive survey completed last month.

We found that most of our users preferred:

  1. To have Lifetime access to our products rather than using the resources on a monthly or yearly subscription basis which needs to be renewed
  2. To have the option to invest in an optional CD ROM to aid in accessing the materials from any computer.

Previously, the Fun Music Company had issued some products as lifetime access and some as yearly licenses, depending on the nature of the product. For example, Printable Music Theory (book one) and Printable Music Lesson Plans were sold as yearly subscriptions, while Printable Music Games has always been a lifetime access resource meaning once a user invested in it they had it forever to come back to anytime they wanted.

In the next few months, we will be very busy implementing these changes and we envisage that it should all be complete by January, 2010.

The changes that will occur as a result of the survey are:

  • All our products in the future are going to be offered as lifetime access licenses. This means that you no longer need to be worried about subscriptions running out and losing a product at the end of the year which really means when you buy a product with us at the Fun Music Company you have access to it forever!
  • “Printable Music Lesson Plan” modules will be available for $29.95, but will be lifetime access rather than a yearly subscription. All users who currently have a yearly subscription will be upgraded to lifetime access.
  • “The Junior Musicianship System” will be available at the same investment of $49.95, but will be upgraded to lifetime access rather than a yearly subscription. All users who currently have a yearly subscription will be upgraded to lifetime access.
  • The yearly access option for “Printable Music Theory Books” will be removed by Saturday 12th September, 2009 and the price for this product will stay at $49.90 for a lifetime access to the digital version (or 59.90 with CD ROM included). Users who have purchased a yearly license will have access until their year runs out, and then have the option to upgrade to a lifetime license.

These changes will be put in place to help serve you better and will provide consistency between the different resources and materials available from our websites and on CD-ROM. As Usual, your comments and feedback on these decisions are most welcome!


Janice Tuck
CEO, The Fun Music Company

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  • By janice Reply

    Hi Karen,
    I apologize for not replying sooner. the theory upgrade is $19.95 which includes the new bonus flashcard set which we are now including with this Lifetime product.
    Have a great day
    Kind regards,
    Janice Tuck

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