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Are you looking for music musical gifts to buy for students, friends or family ?

I know how you feel………

Christmas is fast approaching us – there’s just a few weeks left now, but there’s no time to do any Christmas Shopping. How are we ever going to get it all done in time?

That’s the wonderful thing about the internet isn’t it – We can sit done for a fraction of the time it takes to go shopping and in a few clicks have the gifts just come in the post – perfect solution.

In my own search for Musical Christmas gifts for students, family and friends, I scoured the site to find that it still took me quite a long time to find the best in musical gifts. I thought that if I popped what I found here in the Music Teachers Blog then it might also save you some extra time too.

Feel free to add your own Musical Amazon Christmas Shopping ideas to the comment box below and have a wonderful Holiday Season. Happy Shopping!

Just click on the images below to take you straight through to the details on them.


  • By music teacher Reply

    This coming Christmas, I might give them something with a personal touch. I am planning to bake cookies as a gifts for my students.

    I just hope that I can still find extra time to do this in spite of my music teaching preparations. If not, I may follow your advice and order some stuffs from Amazon.

  • By Pictionary Man Reply

    Cookies are always a good idea for kids!

  • By janice Reply

    Thanks for your feedback on this article. I’m glad it was helpful to you.

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