I have a game called the Maze Game. After I construct a maze on my classroom floor from music textbooks, the object is for one student to go through the maze blindfolded. Here is the fun part. Movement directions for the student are given through various instrumental tone colors such as sticks for right; triangle for left; rachet for turn until the sound stops; hand drum for forward; or cabasa for backwards. If the blindfolded student’s foot touches any part of the books in place for the maze, they are out. I use a gong sound for out. The student must remember what sound for what move and one sound is made for every step the student is ordered to take. Small steps are piano(soft)sounds and big steps are forte sounds. One student is appointed per instrument. A field judge is also appointed to be the one to determine directions or to make a judgment on whether the blindfolded student’s foot touched a book or not. If the candidate makes it through, both he/she and the judge get a prize. Grades 3-4-5 beg to play this game again and again.

Submitted by Pam D. Worley