Anything can be found and used to make noise/sound, thus the term ‘found sound’. Since children love to make noise, ask them to locate an item in the classroom and experiment with the sounds that item can make. Give them a short amount of time to experiment, explaining that at the end of the specified time, they will be given an opportunity (if desired) to share their unique instrument/’found sounds’ with the rest of the class. After everyone has shared, let the class vote on the ‘found sound’ they thought was most unique or made the most interesting sound. After this, if there is still time left in the class period, the substitute/teacher can extend this lesson by connecting ‘found sound’ to other subjects. For instance, students could write an article about their ‘found sound’, then read it to the class; a dramatic presentation could be written and acted out using one or all of the ‘found sound’ instruments; students could teach the how-to’s of playing their ‘found sound’ to their fellow classmates; students could connect their ‘found sound’ with their favorite song/CD/IPOD recording and fit the two together creating a musical piece. Science and Math could work into this project. The ideas/extensions could go on and on.

Since students aren’t usually given much time to be creative during an average school day, this ‘found sound’ lesson could be a catalyst to releasing a child’s creativity. Ask for further ideas from the students and be pleasantly surprised at their ideas!

Submitted by Kendra F. Beagles