This is an activity that I use during extra time or to leave for a substitute to do with elementary students. It’s an activity called “Scribble Music”. The activity teaches students to listen for the differences in fast and slow music. After reviewing the differences between fast and slow, each student lays on the floor with a large piece of white paper and a couple crayons. The students close their eyes, and as music is played, they scribble to the music on their piece of paper (if the music is fast, their scribbling should be fast, if the music is slow, they should have large slow scribbling). Play a few different songs for the students at a variety of tempos. If you want, you can call “switch”, and at that point they lay down the crayon they are using and pick up another one. All of this is done with their eyes closed! After about five minutes, stop the music and let them open their eyes and look at their picture. This is an activity that they will ask to do again and again!

Submitted by Jessie Magoffin