Music Theory Fun Sheets – Module One

(formerly Instant Print Music Lessons)

The same “Map” used for each of four levels in each set Saves on photocopying!

Four Levels in each set means that there is something right for any class

Ideal for large classes – but also useful for individual theory lessons

Interactive activity for the class gives you a truly “instant” music lesson

How do you play the Aural examples?

How do I download them and get started?

Let’s Recap what is included:

module 1 set 1 Set 1 – Rhythm and Key signatures
Four Worksheets + Map Sheet
module 1 set 1 Set 2 – Intervals
Four Worksheets + Map Sheet
module 1 set 1 Set 3 – Melody
Four Worksheets + Map Sheet
Works on Ties, Slurs, Tones and Semitones in Melodies
module 1 set 1 Set 4 – Scales
Four Worksheets + Map Sheet
Works on writing scales, plus identifying scale degrees
module 1 set 1 Set 5 – Aural
Four Worksheets + Map Sheet
works on aural identification of intervals, from Perfect 4th, 5th and Octave, right through to major and minor intervals and the tritone.
module 1 set 1 Super Bonus #1
mp3 files AND computer program for Set 5
Makes it super-easy to play aural examples in your music class.
Super Bonus #2
Full Set of completely answered versions with teaching hints for non-music teachers
Super Bonus #3
“Music Education News” The Fun Music Company Monthly e-newsletter
Total Value Included: $69.70
Individual Teacher Version Costs:
Instant download

Incredible Value for Music Teachers….