FREE two hour update webinar!

Discover how to transform your music classes into a fantastic, vibrant learning environment, using the most recent GarageBand software for iPads and Macs. You’re going to get access to ten relevant, FUN lessons featuring video tutorials and assignment pages which you can use straight away with your classes.

This is a free update session to add to the four training sessions held in June this year.
We are using the features of the latest update to GarageBand for Mac and iPad.



  • Tuesday, 3rd October
  • 8:00 PM Australian EST
  • 8:00 PM US Eastern

In this NEW training session, you’re going to discover:

The very latest changes to Garageband (version 10.2.0 for Mac) and how to use it effectively to teach classroom music today.

How to use technology to have ANY class super engaged and working at their own pace in a productive, effective way.

How to simplify technology and make it super easy for yourself and every student to understand without having to spend hours and hours of extra preparation learning all the materials yourself.

How to assess and evaluate easily and effectively to make sure each student is able to tick off all the boxes as they progress their knowledge and musicality.

Why we are doing this extra session ...

This is an update to our very popular Teaching Composition with GarageBand training sessions held in June this year.

At the time of this release we had some unfortunate timing ... but it has turned out very well for everyone! Let me explain.

On June the 13th we held our first GarageBand for Mac session, featuring our first ten lessons for GarageBand for Mac. What we didn't know at the time was that Apple intended to update Garageband for Mac that very same week to give it a more updated look and feel, plus add a few more features.

By the time we knew about the update, it was too late and we had to proceed with our training using the old version. These lessons take our team a while to develop, and we couldn’t change our training overnight.

However, the new ‘look’ of the software was confusing for many users, and we could see that it would lead to confusion in your students.

Therefore we decided to change session four of the original training to a re-mastering of the first ten lessons for GarageBand for Mac, optimized for the latest version. This meant that our users had the ‘best of both worlds’… tutorial videos for the old version, plus videos for the new version as well if their school has updated.

However, we still want to deliver what we promised, which is twenty lessons for iPad and twenty lessons for Mac, and show you how to use the Mac and the iPad together in the classroom. So that is what we’re doing in this update webinar!

We are delivering ten more outstanding lessons for GarageBand for Mac, and we’ll also incorporate how to use the iPad together with the mac, and easily share files between the two platforms.

What teachers have said about this training ...

Actual responses from feedback forms on these training sessions:

Very thorough, clear explanations. Slow enough to keep up yet not boring.

It was great to have the video clips to not only help me learn but also as a teaching resource to show my classes. Having tips to show that the older version of GarageBand is still able to be used was also valuable.

I enjoyed everything about the webinar. The only thing I would say it that the pace is so rapid, but understandably so. There is a LOT of ground to cover and we barely scratched the surface. Having the online access was an added benefit for those spots that I got a little lost.

You obviously are concerned with both teachers and students understanding your material. Thankyou for the time you have take to consider both groups. I have used Garageband for many years and have also given instruction on Pro Tools. I have and will still benefit from your thoughtful and organized presentation. I also appreciate your integrity represented in your willingness to adjust to the curveball that you were thrown by Apple with their new release the new Mac version of Garageband. You could have left us hanging, but you adapted and extended you presentation.

Replay passes still available if you didn't participate in June...

All registrants from the training in June have full access to all replays from all four sessions, plus will have access to a replay from this session in the Fun Music Company members area. If you did not participate in June feel free to register and attend this webinar live, but a replay will only be available if you purchase a replay pass to the full training sessions here: