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A personal story from Janice Tuck,
creative director of the Fun Music Company ...

Dear music teaching friend,

I’m just a music teacher like you! I’ve been through highs and lows in my career, I’ve taught in every type of school from special needs schools, private and public schools. I’ve taught private instrumental, classroom and made a business from teaching preschool classes ... so in music teaching I’ve been there and done it all!

I graduated from teachers college in 1992, and while many of my colleagues were posted to nice city schools, I was posted to a rough town in the outback of South Australia. I arrived there with nothing, no resources except what I’d personally put together, which wasn’t much ... and I soon discovered that the staff and the admin of the school weren’t going to help me much!

The only way I had to get through was to work hard. Really hard! I worked incredibly long days planning, and within two years of this routine I was totally burned out.

I knew there had to be a better way, because I knew that the things that made the difference was not the lesson plans or the worksheets, but the freedom that I had when I had the lesson plans handled, so that I could focus on the children. I really hoped to make a difference for these children - I could see the potential if I could just spend time focusing on them and communicating with them, but I was stuck working really hard to just create the resources.

Thats when I had the vision of the Fun Music Company…. way back then! nearly 30 years ago! I’d never even heard of the internet at that time but I saw the vision back then of a place full of teaching resources that would be so complete and have all the bits and pieces required for the teaching would be just handled, so that I could focus on the students.

Of course it took me a great many years of teaching in all different situations from preschool, primary and high school to realize that the actual creation of that is a lot more difficult, but I held that passion in my mind from that very first day teaching in the outback of South Australia.

You see over the last five years in particular I’ve made it my mission here at the Fun Music Company to really understand curriculum and how it relates to our subject of music, and how to get this handled for teachers.

And our breakthrough moment really came when we looked at every single curriculum in the world, and found that there are four broad terms - or strictly speaking four categories of activity in music lessons which represent the essence of every statement in the curriculum. So that is our four-UNIT system - it is taking everything in the curriculum and bringing it down to simple, actionable steps that are clear and understandable, by us as teachers, and by our students.


Introducing the Fun Music Company Curriculum

The Fun Music Company curriculum is a complete music program for Elementary school general music classes.


It is specifically designed to meet curriculum requirements, while at the same time making lessons engaging and fun for children.


It does this by structuring activities around the four areas commonly found in every music curriculum in the world: AURAL, SING & PLAY, COMPOSE and CONNECT.



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The four-unit system of the Fun Music Company Curriculum







Benefits of the Fun Music Company curriculum

Designed to meet your curriculum requirements

The Fun Music Company Curriculum has been designed to meet your curriculum requirements and provide a fun, engaging experience for your students at the same time.

Every part of the Fun Music Company curriculum was written around the requirements of the US Common Core arts standards, so if you choose this program you are truly meeting and exceeding the standards found in the Common Core.

There are four categories in the Common Core, and eleven anchor standards in those categories. The categories are Creating, which is fully covered in our COMPOSE unit, Performing/Presenting/Producing, which is covered in our SING & PLAY Unit, and then Responding and Connecting which are both covered in our CONNECT unit.

We have drilled down in detail through the eleven anchor standards, and the descriptions for each and every grade to make sure that everything is covered in this curriculum.

If your state has not adopted the common core, or you use another state-based curriculum document you can still be confident that the Fun Music Company curriculum will cover what you need, as we have analyzed curriculum documents from all around the world, and our materials cover 99% of the requirements we have seen.

Please download the following document to see how the Fun Music Company curriculum meets the requirements of the US common core at each grade level.





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Step by step lessons


Includes step-by-step videos for you to play in the classroom, so that even if you aren’t experienced in teaching an activity all you need to do is play the video and follow the instructions.

In the SING & PLAY section our Singing introduction video provides the background to the song, teaches the action and any Kodaly inspired pitch and rhythm concepts.

Our Singing performance video then provides the sheet music and words in a format that you can press play and go! You never need to worry about forgetting the words again!

Then our Untuned percussion introduction video teaches every percussion part by itself, and students will use body percussion to silently become familiar with the rhythms before trying them on the instruments with the Untuned percussion performance video.

Then students can learn each tuned percussion part with our Tuned percussion introduction videos to each song, where they will see each part being played on the screen, and be introduced to music notation through exposure, and then they can perform them together on the tuned percussion performance and complete ensemble videos.

In the COMPOSE section of the curriculum a step-by-step video precedes each and every activity, which means that you can virtually teach this part of the curriculum with no additional lesson preparation at all - watching the video and then guiding the students through the activity on the following screens.

Singing Introduction Video
(Grade 4)

Singing Performance Video
(Grade 3)

Tuned Percussion Introduction
(Grade 2)

COMPOSE lesson introduction
(Grade 1)

Step-by-step lesson plans detail every step


Every grade includes step-by-step lesson plans, either in PDF form or in our printed guidebooks, which detail every step of the lesson, and provide alternatives for different ability levels in your class.

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Based on time-tested pedagogies


We have consulted with experts in leading music education pedagogies like Orff and Kodaly and incorporated the best from these systems in the lessons, so whether or not you’re familiar with those methods you can incorporate the best ideas.

Kodaly inspired folk songs

We have researched and utilised some of the most well-known and educationally based folk songs from the repertoire.

In our singing introduction video, we help with some of the more difficult teaching concepts for you, so even if you’re not experienced teaching music you’ll be able to give your students the gift of these amazing music education experiences.

If you are an experienced Kodaly inspired teacher, you can be confident that the song repertoire will support you, and this provides a framework for you to build on with all the educational concepts covered.

Orff arrangements ready to go!

We have consulted with experts in the Orff Schulwerk and developed arrangements with a variety of drone and ostinato parts.

With tuned and untuned percussion we demonstrate each and every part, and students learn through the experience of being involved kinaesthetically with body percussion and action before getting onto the instruments.

These arrangements are a springboard for you to extend and adapt to your classroom and provide lots of opportunities for yourself and your students to unleash your creativity.


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Easy to use, with no extra software to install


We provide an easy to use web-based interface with no software to install. All you need is a projector or video screen attached to a computer with internet access.

All you need to do is login to our members area, click on the grade level you wish to teach, and away you go!


Backup option of teaching guide and CD available.

If the internet goes down your classroom, we also provide the backup option of our printed teaching guides with audio CD. The teaching guides provide all the lesson plans, every song and arrangement printed out and all the assessments. The Audio CDs provide backing tracks for every arrangement and song, plus all the aural activities.

Choose the platinum package below to get the teaching guides sent to your door!

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Want to know more about the content of each grade?


Please click the pictures below for more information on the content of each grade:


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