Discovering Music History in your lesson Planning

Learning about Music History is a bit like learning to eat your vegetables as a child. If you approach it in an authoritative way and say “You must eat your Vegetables” – and don’t enjoy them yourself you’ll have quite a hard time! (P.S. I know this because I currently have a three year old!)

The alternative of course is to completely ENJOY what you are doing. If you enjoy eating your vegetables, then your child will too. If you don’t enjoy it, then there is very little chance that your children will as well.

Music History is definitely one of those subjects that can feel a lot like pulling teeth with some students. Getting a three year old to eat their veggies is a walk in the part compared with getting some students to even listen to classical music, let alone learn about Mozart and Beethoven.

I’ve been researching and writing on this subject for some time, and we’ve just completed a whole set of articles on the subject of Lesson Planning ideas for teaching Music History, so check them out and let us know what you think.

Enthusiasm for the subject is of utmost importance. If you don’t have the enthusiasm, then why not see if you can avoid teaching it all together! If you have enthusiasm for it, then I’m convinced that it could be taught anywhere.

Anyway, check out our product which contains a whole set of Music History Lesson Plans – you’ll be glad you did as it will save you many hours of preparation if you are teaching this subject.

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