There’s no doubt that technology is fast becoming part of many classrooms worldwide. According to a recent PBS Survey 74% of teachers Say Technology Enables Them to Reinforce and Expand on Content (February 4, 2013).

However reports such as this one written by Joan Ganz Cooney Center also states that teachers can be skeptical about technology “For many teachers, technology must add demonstrable value to justify incorporation into the learning process” (page 16)

In other words, are we using technology for the “right” reasons where an educational outcome can be reached better via technology or are we using technology just because it’s there to be used?

This question comes up for us here at The Fun Music Company often because there are so many things that can be done with the technology we have available… But the question is should we?

One particular example we are thinking about right now is the use of ‘bouncy balls’, or ‘light up notes’ or whatever to indicate to students where they are up to in a piece of music played on a screen.

Video #1:

Video #2:

Both videos use the same content and they are used to teach young children to play rhythm instruments as a group.

Video 1 uses a “bouncy ball” to show young players where they are on the music. It requires no teacher pointing or conducting and will always show the students where they are in the music

Video 2 doesn’t have a bouncy ball. Instead it relies on the teacher to point or explain to the children how it works. When the children are experienced enough they could even play this on their own without any guidance or pointing etc.

What do you think?

Which video is better?

Do you think that using technology tools such as this “bouncy ball” feature helps our students to learn music more effectively?

Do you think because the “bouncy ball” can be done it should be done?

Anyway…..I would love to know what you think about this, so please leave your answer and a short explanation of why you feel the way you do about your preferred video in the comment box below.

We personally check all these comments and feedback and every opinion really does count. So please make sure you let us know and contribute to the discussion below because we want to continue to make the best in classroom music resources for you to use.