This question is coming up from time to time in our customer service because some schools are looking at getting class sets of “Google Chrome” laptop computers for students to use in class and I know teachers have pressure placed on them to use them.

Now I know that many already know what these computers are. But just in case you haven’t heard or used them yet, Google Chrome laptop computers are much cheaper than an Apple or Windows computer. However, you can only use Google tools on them such as Google Drive, YouTube, Maps, Gmail and the google tools. You can’t use any downloads on them such as iTunes, but you can install apps from the “Google Play “ app store.

Our Interactive Music lessons Series is made for an interactive whiteboard. To run any of our interactive whiteboard resource, you need to install a program onto your lap top which comes with your whiteboard. Smartboard users get software called “Smart notebook” and Promethium board users get software called “ActiveInspire”. (If you have another brand of whiteboard, ActiveInspire also works well on that too.)

Unfortunately the Google Chrome computers won’t allow you to download any of this software onto the computer. So the short answer to this question is No… at the moment our whiteboard materials can’t be used on a Google chrome notebook computer.