Experts in World Music are needed now!

Do you have a background in a particular cultural area of music – one that could be defined as “World Music”?

At the Fun Music Company we believe in “crowd sourcing” as much a possible, and getting as many people involved as possible in the writing and creation of our products.

We’ve just done that very successfully with our “Great Artists of Jazz and Blues” module – and that is currently having final edits before being released in a month or so.

What we are now doing is searching far and wide for experts in our next topic, which is WORLD MUSIC. “World Music” is a category that can include music from a wide variety of countries and cultures.

What we are doing is a lesson plan module for junior high school with one lesson on each of the following areas:

1 African Music

2 Indonesian Music (Gamelan)

3 Chinese Music

4 Indian Musi

5 Irish Music

6 Middle Eastern Music

7 European Folk Music

8 Spanish Music (Flamenco)

9 Music of the West Indies

10 Japanese Music

11 Music of Cuba

12 Music of Brazil

13 Mariachi – Mexican Music

14 Australian Indigenous Music

This list might even change as we go through the development process – such is the evolving nature of our products!

With this one what would be amazing is if we could find an expert in each one of these areas: for example, have an African provide input on African music, have an Indonesian expert write about the Gamelan, etc.

We also would love VIDEO content – if anyone out there has a background in one of these areas and can PLAY or DEMONSTRATE the instruments then we are certainly interested in talking to you about how you could be involved in the creation of this module.

So, to be involved simply go to, click on “work” near the top of the screen, and search “experts in world music”, and you’ll find our job. You can register for elance and submit a proposal there. We do pay good rates for the writing of quality content, as many providers on Elance already know.

We hope to employ lots of professionals in the creation of this module, and it will become a brilliant resource for music teachers; Not because it is written by just one person, but by lots of brilliant people with diverse backgrounds.

We look forward to working with you!

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