Extra Value Added To Packages for 2012

Every day, we have music teachers contact us about how to get hold of more teaching resources for less. At the Fun Music Company, we are very keen to ensure that the more you purchase with each order- the more value you should receive and the more you should save. I’ve just put this article together to let you know about some package offers we have available for 2012 and how you can save on purchasing multiple resources together.

Package Offer For The Music Director

This offer is designed for the music teacher who deals with all the students in a middle – junior high school and needs to teach a range of subjects in their general music lessons. Previously in 2011, this package only included 9 CD Rom’s and included materials for junior high and primary students, but for 2012, we’ve streamlined the materials to suit this middle school to junior high level and have added an extra 4 Cd’s to make it a 13 Cd-ROM plus two e-book package in all.
The resources included in this package are:

4 levels(4 Cd’s) of Printable Music Theory Books which is an entire theory curriculum workbook for any general music theory class.

5 Modules of Printable Music Lesson Plans where each module is a relevant termly topic which will be educational and fun for any general music class.

4 levels of Fun Music Theory Worksheets- Each Cd contains printable sheet after sheet of fun puzzles and games based on music theory concepts. It’s a great way to extend general music theory students.

Two E-books which are called “ Lifesavers for the Music Teacher” and “Fun Choir Warm-Ups” and are jam packed full of teaching ideas and games for the general music teacher.

There is enough content in this package to give any music teacher an entire music theory curriculum for the whole of middle or junior high school level- and the best part is the preparation work is all done! So how much do you think you would save by purchasing the whole package together?. Purchasing these resources individually would cost over $550 so how much saving do you think we could offer by purchasing these resources together? Perhaps $50? $100? $200? $250? Well think again and Click here to find out.

Package Offer for the Classroom Music Teacher
This package offer is designed for the general classroom or music teacher who wants to give general music content about a whole range of different topics over a year (most teachers find that these combined modules last for longer than a year for each class). This package includes a total of 5 CD-Rom’s which are printable and usable with classroom projectors or interactive whiteboards plus one e-book with tonnes of “gem” teaching ideas included. Each topic includes a full set of fact sheets, comprehension worksheets, keynote presentations to use with any projector or interactive whiteboard, fun game worksheets based on the content, lesson ideas for a variety of ages and abilities and links to the best sources on the internet. You can easily print out the sheets you need for your classes or you can make an entire booklet for each student because it is copyright free once you purchase. The topics covered in this package include:

  • Printable Music Lesson Plan Cd-Rom: Instruments Of The Orchestra
  • Printable Music Lesson Plan Cd-Rom: The Great Composers
  • Printable Music Lesson Plan Cd-Rom: History Of Rock and Roll
  • Printable Music Lesson Plan Cd-Rom: Jazz and Blues
  • Printable Music Lesson Plan Cd-Rom: World Music
  • E-book: Lifesavers For the Music Teacher

Click here to find out more on this deal

Package Offer for Private Instrumental Music Teachers
in this package offer, for just $99 the private studio teacher can get all the extra resources they need to help retain students and make it fun without all the preparation that these extra activities usually take after hours. The package includes the following six assets to any studio business:
Printable Music Games– this set of printable games is for young children with a short attention span. it’s perfect for giving a break in playing and revising some theory skills – while having fun. Perfect to use for individual lessons or small group situations.
Printable Music Theory book 1– unlike any other theory book, this theory book can be printed out for as many students as you need. This is a general beginning to music for the older beginner theory for approx 6 years and up and aligns with all the main music examination boards from around the world.
Junior Musicianship System– this is your theory course for your younger beginner. Each worksheet is simple with no words so it works in nicely for teachers to explain it in their own way and there is only one new concept per page so that any musical terminology doesn’t get confusing to young musicians.
Musical terms for the Digital Age– Any studio or instrumental teacher who teaches theory knows how hard it can be to get students to remember their musical terms for exams. These are a group of fun worksheets to help revise these terms.
Ultimate Flashcard Set: This flashcard set has been evolving for over 5 years now- and it’s designed to be relevant for studio teachers in revising theory concepts ready for theory exams. What makes this set of flashcards different to any other is that if a teacher doesn’t find what they need in it, they simply let us know and we’ll add it in provided it will help the wider music teaching community. You can print off as many flashcards as you need – you can print for specific lessons or the whole lot in one hit- the choice is yours!
Ultimate Practice System– Any studio teacher knows the need for student practice and incentive charts. This resource is jam packed full of ideas for practice- it will show you how to get students to practice and you can choose from a range of incentive charts, matching stickers and loads of ideas to keep your students inspired.

Here’s what teachers have been saying about these resources and packages :

” I am overwhelmed by the information contained in these kits. I’ve just written a grade seven semester unit plan, from the printable World Music kit. It is so easy to use and to adapt to my own classroom, and ALL the resources are there! This has made my planning so simple and easy! THANK YOU!!”- Carla McGlynn

“I have two very young students (1 6 years old and 1 just turned 7) and have found the Junior Musicianship System invaluable. They love the Note Drawing Sheets – and of course the Games are a real hit with them. I am also using the Note Drawing sheets for older beginners too – they are a great resource for helping them to remember.” – Margaret Bennett-Hall

” Recently I ordered your advanced theory worksheets because one of my students is in a jazz band. I knew jazz students needed to understand modes and I spent several months looking for the best way to explain modes.

I joined several jazz lesson sites and communicated with the teachers, hoping to get a better understanding of them. Instead, I seemed to get more confused!

After looking at your worksheets, it became very obvious how to create each scale in any key and the formula for the modes in that key.

I was also amazed at how easy they actually are and wondered why so many teachers are making it much harder to comprehend than it really is.

Thank you for your great worksheets.” – Cheryl W

” I recently purchased the History of Rock and Roll curriculum and I am extremely impressed. The lessons are well organized and offer many activities and recordings that can be modified for middle to high school – I am currently using this curriculum with 12th grade! Having all the research done, well organized, and already in powerpoint has afforded me the opportunity to spend my time in more creative aspects of planning! ” – adau

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